Toni and Trish Memorial Motorcycle Run – June 4th
May 1, 2016
Toni and Trish Memorial
May 15, 2016
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At the Toni and Trish House we are blessed by some great organizations who like to help us out, they do this in many ways; some of them sponsor our events that we host ourselves, others host events for us like the Diamond P Choppers memorial bike run sponsored by Diamond P Choppers, Bubba’s in Linwood, and the Willew. Others include the Auburn hotel who hosts our annual pan cake breakfast; The Asian Noodle who sponsor spring roll day, and countless others who help us out throughout the year, we could not provide the service that we did if it was not for these great organization helping us out.

The money raised by donations is how that the Toni and Trish house survives; it is how we are able to pay our staff, pay for the daily upkeep of the house along with all of the other daily expenses it takes to make the Toni and Trish House successful .

The other main distinctive characteristic of the Toni and Trish House is our volunteers who we would not be able to function without.

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