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We’ve all heard it. The real estate mantra that dictates where you open your business, where you buy your house, where you plant your flag… THAT decision will determine your future success and re-sale value.  “Location, location, location!” visually shouts power and prestige from Main Street to mountain tops! Where you chose to geographically locate a physical building is a marker of both present and future success.  Location can give you comfort and control.

Crazy, though. We don’t seem to look at our physical lives in the same way.  Outside of the possibility that any of us could have a fatal accident at any time, statistically, most of us will live well past retirement age and into our 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.  For a few of us, our life might even stretch into the 100+ range. (Estimates suggest approximately 80,000 centenarians are currently living in the United States.) But the reality is that at some point, inevitably, death will visit us all – like it or not, and the body will begin to shut down. Where will you go when this happens?  What location will you choose to live out your final days?  WHERE we choose to die is rarely discussed or planned for, and oddly enough, this might be just one of the few things you can control.

The Mid-Michigan region offers us all a variety of choices. We have some of the finest hospitals found anywhere, skilled nursing facilities, residential care programs, home health agencies and of course, there is always the option to stay within your own home -given family support and perhaps some medical assistance.  All of these choices have significant advantages and disadvantages and should be weighed against your values, resources, needs and wishes.  All of these are helpful as we progress through the aging process. But in the final few months, as the end is drawing near, there is one last geographical change to be considered:  the Toni and Trish House, located in Auburn, Michigan.  A house that “provides compassionate, dignified end of life care in a peaceful, home-like environment.”

We would love to meet you and would be happy to take you and your family on a tour of our home.  A well-trained staff and a host of volunteers are standing by to make your stay with us as peaceful, peace-filled, and pleasant as possible under such challenging circumstances.  We welcome guests of all cultures and faiths, or no faith. Should you make the decision to re-locate to the Toni and Trish House for your last few days, it is our hope that you would experience love in a warm and comforting environment.  In short, we welcome the opportunity to serve you and hope that you might consider the Toni and Trish House -for yourself or your loved ones.  Think about it. Talk about it.  And rather than allowing death to rob you of any decision-making power as the end of your life draws near, take control of WHERE you want to be. Location matters. Just as in real estate, geographical location can give you comfort and control. We invite you to consider ours.

Written by Tammy J. DeRuyter
February 2020

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