FAQ’s About Toni and Trish House

The Toni & Trish House will provide a home and care for people with terminal illness. Our trained care coordinators and volunteers offer shelter, meals, personal care and round the clock physical, emotional and spiritual support.

Toni & Trish House is inspired by the work of Mother Teresa who said in caring for the sick, “…we bring people to God, what happens after that is between God and them”

Toni & Trish House will provide this care at no charge to the guest, with priority given to helping those in greatest need.

A person with a terminal diagnosis, particularly in the last months of the illness, and is under Hospice care. People of any religious, social and financial background are welcome: priority is given to helping those in greatest need of care.

A person who does not have a caregiver at home. Someone whose family members have limitations in providing care. Someone who has only one caregiver, or whose caregivers need rest.

Or someone who does not have an adequate place to stay. Family members continue to be a part of providing care in a cooperative effort with our care coordinators and volunteers at Toni & Trish House.

This home and care are provided at no charge. Operating expenses are met by donations of individuals, businesses, churches and other local groups.

The person with the illness, a family member, or medical staff may make a referral. Call 989-662-6400.